My name is Christopher Robin Shelley. I'm from Baltimore, Maryland USA. I write, record, and release music.

I write and record at SOLAR PLEXUS AUDIO, my project studio. I write all music and lyrics, play all instruments, perform all vocals, engineer, sometimes mix and master (my upcoming album will be mixed and mastered by ghosts), and distribute.

I run two labels: lo-functional records and sacred space records.

All of my music production is released under the redhouse recordings usa name, a name I have been using since I bought my first four-track recorder in 1994.

I often make up "band names" under which I release my music, like The Balance, The 13 Quadrants, or The Silver Lies.


Check out all of my releases at my YouTube channel which features originals and covers, my SoundCloud and ReverbNation pages where you can download/stream my music for free, or my label pages to read more about my music and/or purchase my songs and albums via iTunes. I am also on various streaming services such as Spotify.

my studio is my home

it is my sacred space
every recording i've ever created
was created under the roof of a "red house"

my life has been so... absurd

this world is so lo-functional

so i create my own world


a sacred space

and it means everything to me

I thank you

for this time

a million lives